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Inadequacy and danger of current NICE dyspepsia guidelines

Added On: 12th May 2021
By: admin

These guidelines were last updated in 2019 and cover the management of dyspepsia in general practice, criteria of when to be referred for further investigation and the management of H. pylori infection.

The changing nature of dyspepsia in the 21st century: NICE guidance is behind the times

Added On: 12th May 2021
By: admin

NICE guidance on the management of many disorders is rigidly followed by many doctors in primary and secondary care and by commissioners, leading to sub-optimal outcomes for patients. The guidance on dyspepsia is a good example of this.

Getting the Results of Your Colonoscopy

Added On: 12th August 2016
By: admin

If you are having a private colonoscopy to investigate possible growth in your bowel, you will want to know when you can expect the results. Waiting to hear from your doctor can be stressful, but try to stay positive and make sure you have someone to talk to if you are feeling anxious.

Identifying Gastroenterological Causes of Chest Pain

Added On: 26th July 2016
By: admin

Most people think that chest pain is a sign of heart disease, but while this can be the case, it isn’t always. Unless the pain is sudden and severe, it isn’t usually a sign of a heart attack or angina. However, that doesn’t mean that it can just be ignored. You should always see a […]

What Happens When Gastric Cancer Spreads

Added On: 13th June 2016
By: admin

The stage at which your cancer is detected will determine which options are available for gastric cancer treatment. As long as the tumour is still contained within your stomach, it can usually be removed surgically. If the tumour has metastasised or spread beyond your stomach, gastric cancer treatment may not be able to eliminate it […]

Corticosteroid Treatment for Crohn’s Disease

Added On: 1st June 2016
By: admin

Treating Crohn’s disease is largely about finding a way to relieve your symptoms when they appear. One of the first medications you will usually be offered for Crohns disease treatment when your symptoms flare up are corticosteroids.

What Are the Risks of a PET CT Scan?

Added On: 26th May 2016
By: admin

PET-CT scans use a combination of radioactive dye and X-ray radiation to create images, so you may be worried about the risks involved if your doctor wants to perform a scan.

Can Exercise Help With IBS?

Added On: 15th April 2016
By: admin

Lifestyle chances are often recommended as part of irritable bowel treatment, but they aren’t all about changing your diet. In addition to avoiding dietary triggers, your doctor may also suggest that you try exercising to relieve your IBS symptoms.

How a Gastrectomy Will Affect Your Diet

Added On: 8th April 2016
By: admin

Surgery can be a very effective treatment for stomach cancer, but if you have part of your stomach removed it can make it harder for you to get the nutrition you need. You will have to make some changes to your diet after you have surgery for gastric cancer treatment.

Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer

Added On: 14th March 2016
By: admin

Colon cancer treatment usually involves surgery, but you may need to have some other treatments too. One of the treatments that may be used in conjunction with surgery is chemotherapy.