What Happens When Gastric Cancer Spreads

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The stage at which your cancer is detected will determine which options are available for gastric cancer treatment. As long as the tumour is still contained within your stomach, it can usually be removed surgically. If the tumour has metastasised or spread beyond your stomach, gastric cancer treatment may not be able to eliminate it entirely. However, treatment is still available that can relieve your symptoms and slow down the cancer. Read More

Statins and gastro-intestinal diseases

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Statins have a mixed press but overall they reduce all-cause mortality by the order of 30%. There is growing evidence that this may apply to wide range of Gastrointestinal conditions. Statins are likely to be reducing the damage caused by environmental agents by limiting the inflammatory response. This mechanism underlies most chronic diseases from disease of the arteries to cancer and other benign conditions from which modern man suffers. Read More