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If you are having a private colonoscopy to investigate possible growth in your bowel, you will want to know when you can expect the results. Waiting to hear from your doctor can be stressful, but try to stay positive and make sure you have someone to talk to if you are feeling anxious.


Waiting for Colonoscopy Results

Waiting to hear what the doctor has found can be stressful, but it can take several weeks to get your full test results. If nothing was spotted during the colonoscopy, your doctor should be able to give you the all clear fairly quickly. You may need to have additional tests to identify the cause of your symptoms if the colonoscopy didn’t reveal anything. If any growths, polyps, or signs of irritation were seen during the investigation, you may need to wait for lab results before you can get a diagnosis. Your doctor will tell you if any samples have been taken and when you can expect to hear the results. It could take a week or more although the results should be available faster when you are having a private colonoscopy.

What Your Colonoscopy Results Mean

Once the full results of your private colonoscopy and the lab tests are available, your doctor will explain exactly what has been found. You may be told that you have a normal result, which means that nothing unusual was found during the colonoscopy. This happens about half of the time. If a problem was detected, the most common outcome is either that you have a benign growth or polyp. This will usually be removed during the colonoscopy. Sometimes, no growths are detected, but signs of inflammatory bowel disease may have been spotted. Your doctor will then make recommendations for treatment or further tests. In rare cases, a colonoscopy can detect bowel cancer. If a cancerous growth has been found, you may need further treatment to ensure that the entire tumour has been removed. The chances of success are very good as long as the cancer has been detected early.

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