I am a senior experienced gastroenterologist in practice for nearly 20 years. I qualified from Cambridge University in 1982 and the Middlesex Hospital in 1985 which distinction. My specialist gastroenterology training was undertaken at Guy's and St George's Hospitals where I did my research. I was appointed Consultant Gastroenterologist at Croydon University Hospital in 1995 and Senior Lecturer at St George's Medical School. I was elected to Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians in 1998. I am Head of Service for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy at Croydon University Hospital which serves a large and needy population. I am a recognised trainer in gastroenterology and endoscopy and an active researcher with more than 80 peer reviewed publications. I sit on a number of national committees covering gastroenterology and upper gastro-intestinal cancer.

I subject all my work to audit and it is my policy to copy all letters and test results to patients. I work with a team of experienced radiologists, pathologists, surgeons and dieticians.


Consultant Gastroenterologist and General Physician and Head of Service at Croydon University Hospital and Honorary Senior Lecturer of St George’s Medical School

I currently head the Gastroenterology Service and the Endoscopy Unit at Croydon University Hospital.  The team consists of 2 other consultants, 2 associate specialists, 3 registrars and 3 nurse specialists.  The Endoscopy Unit is the busiest in the South West London area, currently performing some 11,000 procedures per year. 

I lead the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service which consists of 2 other gastroenterologists, 2 colorectal surgeons and a nurse specialist.

I manage ward-based gastroenterology patients as well as performing diagnostic and therapeutic upper and lower GI endoscopy and ERCP and therapeutic oesophageal and gastroduodenal endoscopy.

I was one of the founders of the south west London emergency endoscopy network which covers a population of 1.2 million across Wimbledon, Merton and Sutton and Croydon. I chaired and founded  the managing committee for this service for 8 years until 2010.

I qualified from Cambridge University in 1982(pre-clinical) and London University(1985) with distinction.  I then undertook training in gastroenterology at Guy’s Hospital and St George’s Medical School before being appointed Consultant Gastroenterologist and Senior Lecturer at Croydon University Hospital and St George’s Medical School.

I run a busy clinical service seeing 3000 new outpatients per year together with another 500 specialist gastroenterology inpatients. I have approximately 700 patients with inflammatory bowel disease under my care.

Upper GI endoscopy: I have performed more than 15,000 upper GI endoscopies
Colonoscopy: I have performed more than 10,000 colonoscopies.  My quality standards for colonoscopy are excellent with a 98% caecal intubation rate and no perforations within the last 5 years.  
ERCP: I have performed 3,000 ERCP with a success rate of 97% and no procedure-related deaths in elective(non-emergency) patients within the last 10 years 
Oesophageal and duodenal stenting: I have performed approximately 400 oesophageal and duodenal stenting procedures
Video-capsule endoscopy: I have performed 150 video-capsule endoscopies over 5 years
Oesophageal manometry and PH recording: I have performed approximately 250 of the new tubeless Bravo pH monitoring procedures

I am a recognised trainer in upper and lower GI endoscopy and ERCP and have trained many young gastroenterologists over the years.

I am an active researcher in a number of fields of gastroenterology. I have made important contributions in the a number of areas including Helicobacter pylori and dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular epidemiology, the pathogenesis of colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. My main research focus at present is inflammatory bowel disease and the role of the environment and diet in causation and treatment and factors which influence the response of people to injury.

I have supervised ten research fellows towards MDs and was until recently Director of Research and Development at Croydon University Hospital.

I continuously audit my work and participate in national audits of Upper GI cancer management, gastron-intestinal bleeding and Inflammatory bowel disease

  •  South West Thames Regional Training Committee between 1997 and 2006. 
  •  Director of Research and Development at Croydon University Hospital between 2000 and 2010. 
  • Founder and Chair of the South West Thames Emergency Endoscopy Committee 2000 to 2010. 
  • London Strategic Health Authority Representative for the British Society of Gastroenterology from 2008 to the present. 
  • Cancer Lead at Croydon University Hospital from 2000 to 2012.
  • National Cancer Intelligence Network for upper GI cancer.
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