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A range of different options are available for colon cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and biological treatments, but the most common option is surgery.

Is Surgery Right for You?

Surgery often plays a part in colon cancer treatment, but it isn’t the right option for everybody. Your doctor will consider the size and location of your colon cancer when deciding whether surgery is the right option and which form of surgery will be right for you. Surgery is usually the best choice when a tumour is detected early as there is a good chance that all of the cancer can be removed. However, it may also be used as part of your treatment if the cancer is at a later stage as it could help to control your symptoms even if it can’t remove the entire tumour. It may need to be combined with other treatments too so that the spread of the cancer can be slowed. Your general health can also be a factor in the decision, since you will need to be fit enough to undergo the procedure if surgery is used.

Surgical Options for Colon Cancer Treatment

The surgical options for colon cancer treatment depend on how large the tumour has grown. When colon cancer is detected at a very early stage, it is often possible to remove just a small piece of the colon wall to eliminate the cancer. This is known as a local excision. If the cancer has spread into the muscles around the colon, it will be necessary to remove both the wall of the colon and the muscle. This is known as a colectomy. The sections of the colon where the cancer is located will be removed and the two ends of the remaining colon will then be joined together, if possible. If the colon can’t be rejoined, you may need a stoma to divert stool away from the bowel and out into a colostomy bag.

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