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If you’ve recently been diagnosed with IBS, you may be feeling worried about what this condition will mean for you. Irritable bowel syndrome can have a significant impact, but it is still possible to enjoy a full and happy life when you have IBS. Irritable bowel treatment can help you to manage your symptoms, while the support of your friends and family can help you to adapt.

How IBS Affects You

Everyone’s experience of IBS is different. The symptoms are unpredictable, so you may find that you enjoy several months without any problems and then suddenly have a flare up that prevents you from going about your usual routine. IBS can be painful and disruptive, and it can also take an emotional toll. You might find yourself worrying about when your symptoms will come back or feeling low when they get worse. It doesn’t help that flare ups often coincide with times when you are already feeling stressed. Talking to your doctor or seeking support from friends and family can help you to cope, but finding the right irritable bowel treatment to tackle your symptoms is important too.

Managing Your IBS

Although there is not yet a cure for IBS, there are some simple things you can do to try to manage your symptoms. Your diet is very important when you have IBS. You should identify any foods that trigger your symptoms and then cut them out. You may also need to change the amount of fibre you are eating. Adding more fibre can ease constipation, while cutting back on it can help when you have diarrhoea.

Getting regular exercise is also important as keeping active can ease your symptoms and help to eliminate some stress. Avoiding stress, or finding a way to cope with it, can help prevent flare ups. Everyone gets rid of their stress differently, so you might find that anything from complaining to a friend to joining a yoga class helps to ease your symptoms. Your doctor may also recommend medication to tackle particular symptoms. Irritable bowel treatment can help to relieve constipation, diarrhoea, or abdominal pain and cramps.

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